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Segal family - Photos

The Segal family in Jerusalem


Haim & Ethel Segal with their children:
Left to right (children): Tsadok (Leon), Zev, David
Photographed at the beginning of the 20th Century

David, Ruth & Chia Segal at Ruth's wedding 1967

David Ruth Chia 1967

David & Chia Segal dancing at their retirement home

 DavidChia 2

 Ramat Hasharon, July 1992



David & Chia Segal's 60th Anniversary

 David Chia 60th

 Ramat Hasharon, February 1994
Left to right standing: Ira Jacobson, Migdon Segal, Thelma Jacobson, Ruth Manneberg, Eli Manneberg, Jonathan Segal, Batel Segal
Left to right, seated: David Segal, Chia Segal