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Manneberg saga - מנברג - Rosenstein family - Photos

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Rosenstein family - Photos

Baba & her grandchildren, 1950's


Baba grandchildrenPhotographed in West Hartford, Connecticut
Standing in the rear, left to right: Migdon Segal, Phyllis Rosenstein, Charlie Teller, Myra (Alice) Rosenstein
Seated in the center, left to right: Carol Rosenstein, Ruth Segal, Baba, David Rosenstein, Elaine Rosenstein, Maxine Teller
Seated in the foreground, left to right: Richard Rosenstein, Thelma Segal, Jim Rosenstein, Alan Rosenstein, Mark Rosenstein, Michael Rosenstein






Baba's grandchildren, 1950's

Grandchildren of BabaPhotographed in West Hartford, Connecticut
Seated around the table (clockwise beginning in the foreground):
Thelma Segal, Jim Rosenstein, Charlie Teller, Michael Rosenstein, Myra (Alice) Rosenstein, Elaine Rosenstein, Alan Rosenstein, David Rosenstein, Richard Rosenstein, Mark Rosenstein, Phyllis Rosenstein, Maxine Teller, Ruth Segal, Migdon Segal, Carol Rosenstein 

Some of Baba's grandchildren, 2016

Rosenstein cousins 2016Photographed at the family reunion in Connecticut, Aug. 2016
Standing, left to right: David Rosenstein, Phyllis (Rosenstein) Stein, Elaine (Rosenstein) Price, Ruth (Segal) Manneberg, Jim Rosenstein, Jonathan Segal, Alan Rosenstein
Seated left to right: Maxine (Teller) Adams, Migdon Segal

Rosenstein cousins - The Next Generation

Next generation 2016

Photographed at the family reunion in Connecticut, Aug. 2016
Standing in the rear (left to right): Ninian & Ro Stein, Ben Teller, Paul Stein, Aaron Rosenstein, Max Rosenstein, Steven Adams, Jake Adams
Standing in foreground (left to right): Augie Teller, Cruz Teller, Tanya Teller, Sareet Rosenstein, Elazar Rosenstein