Eli Manneberg

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    Everything Happened - but Not Really

Table of Contents


Chapter I: Between Twilight and Dawn, gazing towards a bewildering horizon

I.1 Reflections at the beginning
I.2 Manneberg: a strange name
I.3 The Prussian government in the "triangle": Manneberg family life
I.4 Emanuel Manneberg from Loslau and his talented son, Loebel Leopold
I.5 Loebel Leopold and Rosalie Manneberg
I.6 The new synagogue in Rybnik, or "The Temple in Haase's back yard"
I.7 The years preceding World War I
- Rybnik
- Rottweil
- The Jew Suess

Chapter II: Jewish Soldiers

II.1 Jozef Manneberg in the "military orchestra": a Prussian soldier at the Belgian front
II.2 Finding new historical facts, and what the heck is the real plot of this story?
II.3 Ismar Manneberg: a Bavarian officer, a German war hero
II.4 A meeting of Jews in the train on their way to the Western Front
II.5 Post-modern meetings
II.6 Stories of Jewish soldiers: a partial summing-up
II.7 Yitshak-Isaac Zuckerbraun's journey from Lithuania to Jerusalem
II.8 Haim Segal, Ruth's grandfather: an Ottoman soldier
II.9 A meeting at the crossroads between "the Next World" and "the New World": "Baba" in God's service
II.10 The Oko brothers, Jewish soldiers in the army of Czar Nikolai II, or "the Russians" in Germany

Chapter III: Between the two World Wars, or the never-ending war

III.1 Rosel Manneberg in Hanover, the revolving sword and banishment from "Paradise Lost"
III.2 Hans – a happy childhood bubble
III.3 Ernst Manneberg: the book-lover
III.4 Leopold the Second, the Third, the Fourth? Depends upon where one starts counting. Hans or Janik? Depends upon one's perspective.
III.5 Max Guttmann: the accidental snake in Paradise
III.6 Rosel Manneberg's store
III.7 "The deal"
III.8 Jozef the merchant and Jan the policeman have some garlic soup
III.9 The journey to Palestine in 1934
III.10 Regina
III.11 Nathan Oko, "the Russian" in Württemberg, Germany
III.12 The abbreviated biography of Nathan Oko
III.13 "The Black Forest Maiden"
III.14 The dream and its collapse: David, son of Haim Segal from Jerusalem, and Chia, daughter of Rosa Rosenstain from Brooklyn: pioneers in Palestine
III.15 Drumbeats and clouds of war darkening the horizon
III.16 One thousand pounds sterling in gold – the entrance price to "Paradise Lost"
III.17 "The escape" – about-face and flight from the inferno
III.18 Tango of War and Peace: the dance of life and death

Chapter IV: Epilogue

IV.1 "Finished but not completed" – reflections in summary
IV.2 "The Manneberg House" project – A humanistic center in Rybnik, Upper Silesia, Poland
IV.3 "Foreplay" and surprises around every corner
IV.4 Inevitable meetings in Paradise