Eli Manneberg

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    Everything Happened - but Not Really

I.3 The Prussian government in the "triangle": Manneberg family life

Loslau and its vicinity in 1736

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Map of Rybnik, Loslau and the vicinity

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Emanuel Manneberg - Loslau

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Photo taken in the 19th Century

The Synagogue in Rybnik

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Photo appearing on a postcard. The Synagogue does not exist any more.

The Synagogue in Loslau

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Old photo found on the internet. The Synagogue does not exist any more.

Loslau, Manneberg's shop on "Train St."

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Photo from a 19th or early 20th Century postcard

Loslau (Wodzisław Śląski) - Memorial to the Jewish community

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Erected by local (non-Jewish) citizens

At the memorial plaque, Loslau (Wodzisław Śląski), Aug. 2014

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From left to right: Susan Manning, Michael Manneberg, Eli Manneberg

Meisel's teahouse, Loslau (Wodzisław Śląski), Aug., 2014

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From left to right: Michael Manneberg, Eli Manneberg, Susan Manning, Ruth Manneberg, Mr. Meisel.

Visit to the Loslau museum, Aug. 2014

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From left to right around the table: Sławomir Kulpa (director of the museum), Ruth Manneberg, Susan Manning, Eli Manneberg, Michael Manneberg

Loslau (Wodzisław Śląski) - The Red Army cemetery, Aug. 2014

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