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    Everything Happened - but Not Really

I.5 Loebel Leopold and Rosalie Manneberg

Leopold-Loebel Manneberg, Rybnik

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Leopold-Loebel Manneberg, early photograph

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Rosalie Manneberg

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Wedding invitation of Rosalie and Leopold, 1869

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The silver cup

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The silver cup awarded to Leopold Manneberg in 1901

Closeup of the silver cup

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Wittig's Hotel in Rybnik

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Postcard from the late 19th or early 20th Century

The hall in Wittig's Hotel (today Rynkowy) during the Nazi occupation

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Photo appearing in unknown book, showing the swastikas blotted out with a blue pen

The hall in Hotel Rynkowy in August 2014

B A 5 80

In this hall in Rybnik (formerly Wittig's Hotel) Leopold was awarded the silver cup.

Promenadenstrasse, Rybnik

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Photo of a postcard from 1909. On the left is the entrance to the Jewish cemetery.

Clipping from the German-Jewish newspaper

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Describing the ceremony where Leopold was awarded the silver cup.

Sample of a document found in the archives


B A 5 91Stating that on May 8, 1873 a daughter, Hedwig (the older sister of Jozef Manneberg), was born to Leopold and Rosalie Manneberg.

Third visit to Rybnik, August 2014

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From left to right: Susan Manning, Eli Manneberg, Małgosia Płoszaj, Michael Manneberg.
Photo taken in the Rynek (central square). In the background Hotel Rynkowy (formerly Wittig) can be seen; the building is painted light green.