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    Everything Happened - but Not Really

II.8 Haim Segal, Ruth's grandfather – an Ottoman soldier

The Segal family in Jerusalem

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Haim & Ethel Segal with their children: 
from left to right: Leon (Tsadok), Zev, David

Haim B. Segal, an Ottoman soldier

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Photo taken  in Jerusalem during World War I

David Segal's graduation certificate from Tachkemoni school in Jerusalem, 1927

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Haim and Ethel Segal in the U.S.

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Haim and Ethel Segal at their home in the U.S.

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Typical greeting card made by Haim Segal

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Greetings for Purim, made in Ra'anana, 1970

Sukkah decoration made in 1971 by Haim Segal in Israel

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