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    Everything Happened - but Not Really

III.13 "The Black Forest Maiden": from Sofaleh in Rottweil to Sofie Oko in British Mandatory Palestine

From left to right: Nathan, Rosa and Sofie Oko, Germany, 1930's

B C 13 025

Sofie Oko's foreigner's passport of 1936 - 1

B C 13 030

Sofie Oko's foreigner's passport of 1936 - 2

B C 13 040

Nathan Oko's business card, Tel-Aviv 1936

B C 13 050

In front of Guttmann's Foot Comfort Service, 1930's

B C 13 010

From left to right: an employee, Sofie Oko, Max Guttmann, another employee.
In the window at the left: the tormented doll

Max Guttmann in Palestine, probably in the 1940's

B C 13 090

Sofie Oko in Benyamina, 1936

B C 13 060

Sofie Oko's certificate from the Scholl Institute, Tel-Aviv 1937

B C 13 070

Ludwig Oko as a ghaffir (watchman), Palestine, 1930's

B C 13 020

The Siddur (prayerbook) presented to Hans Manneberg on his Bar Mitzvah by the Rybnik congregation, 1931

B C 13 100

Yehudah (Hans), Sofie and Eli Manneberg, 1941, probably in Ramatayim

B C 13 075

The Oko family in Benyamina, 1940's

B C 13 080

Left to right standing in the rear: Yehudah (Ludwig) Oko, Nathan Oko, David Oko, Rosa Oko, Yehudah (Hans) Manneberg, Sofie (Oko) Manneberg, Izzy (Israel) Oko
Front row: Hilde Oko holding baby Rafi Oko, Amnon Oko, Nurit Oko, Uriel Oko, Eli Manneberg.
At the bottom: Bobby the dog.

Yehudah (Hans) Manneberg as a young man in Palestine

B C 13 110

Rosel Guttmann in Palestine, 1946

B C 13 120

Sofie drawing in nature, 1954

B C 13 130

Drawing in pastel, 1968

B C 13 140

Nude woman, gouache, 1989

B C 13 150

Bouquet of flowers, gouache, 1994

B C 13 160