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    Everything Happened - but Not Really

III.14 The dream and its collapse - David, son of Haim Segal from Jerusalem, and Chia, daughter of Rosa Rosenstein from Brooklyn: pioneers in Palestine

David Segal, age 14, the year he immigrated to the U.S., 1927

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Chia & David Segal before their marriage, U.S.A., 1932

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David Segal aboard the "Majestic" on the way to Palestine, Oct. 24, 1935

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David is on the extreme right in the foreground, wearing a beret. In the middle of the foreground, wearing a sweater and tie, is Avraham Freund.

David & Chia Segal on their way to Palestine aboard the "Champollion", Nov. 1935

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At the entrance to the Hashomer Hatsair farm in New York, 1936

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Standing on the left: Yehudah Ben-Horin

Yehudah Ben-Horin at the Hashomer Hatsair farm in New York, 1936

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David Segal in Paris, 1937

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Dov & Simcha Vardi in training for kibbutz life, Hadar, Nov. 1939

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Simcha Vardi in training for kibbutz life, Hadar, Nov. 1939

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Baba's visit to Palestine in 1947

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Baba's son Leo is on the left, wearing a hat, Baba is in the center, wearing her mink coat, on the extreme right is Zev Segal.

Baba in the U.S., 1950's

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Baba with her children and their spouses, U.S.A., 1950's

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Left to right, standing: Chia (Sadie) Segal, David Segal, Sadie Rosenstein, Sam Rosenstein, Leo Rosenstein, Dorothy Rosenstein, Charlotte (Choch) Teller, Jack Teller
Left to right, seated: Rachel (Ray) Rosenstein, Nathan Rosenstein, Baba, Abe Rosenstein, Rose Rosenstein

Baba with her grandchildren, West Hartford, CT, U.S.A., 1950's

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Left to right standing in the rear: Migdon Segal, Phyllis Rosenstein, Charles Teller, Myra (Alice) Rosenstein
Left to right seated in the middle: Carol Rosenstein, Ruth Segal, Baba, David Rosenstein, Elaine Rosenstein, Maxine Teller
Left to right seated in front: Richard Rosenstein, Thelma Segal, Jim Rosenstein, Alan Rosenstein, Mark Rosenstein, Michael Rosenstein

David & Chia Segal in Israel at the wedding of Yael & Aharon Chaver, 1963

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Ruth (Segal) Manneberg at her wedding, with 2 grandmothers

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On the left is Omama (Rosa Oko) and on the right is Baba (Rosa Rosenstein), Nov. 9, 1967 

David & Chia Segal with Dov & Simcha Vardi, Tel-Aviv 1984

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Left to right in the back: Simcha Vardi, Chia Segal
Left to right in the front: Dov Vardi, David Segal
Photo taken on the occasion of David & Chia's golden wedding anniversary, Tel-Aviv 1984