Eli Manneberg

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    Everything Happened - but Not Really

III.18 Tango of War and Peace: the dance of life and death

Kent Manning (Kurt Manneberg) in Chicago

B C 18 70

Photo taken in the early 2000's.

Information about the death of Elsa Manneberg (Gershon Manor's mother) in the Holocaust


B C 18 10

Letter sent in 1947 from the American Joint Distribution Committee in Prague


Family photo at the home of Ernst & Ilse Manneberg, Ramatayim

B C 18 50

Left to right: Michael, Ilse, Ernst, Ya'akov

The Taterkas and Mannebergs in front of the Taterka's house in Ramatayim, mid 1940's

B C 18 40

Left to right: Ya'akov Manneberg, Ernst Manneberg, Michael Manneberg, Heinz Taterka, Ilse Manneberg, Günther Taterka, Philip Taterka, Rosa Taterka

Philip & Rosa Taterka, Ramatayim, 1940's

B C 18 20

Death certificate of Suzi Manneberg from Theresienstadt, 1943

B C 18 15