Eli Manneberg

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III.6 Rosel Manneberg's store

Rosel Manneberg's shop in Rybnik

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Rosel Manneberg's shop at 15 Jan Sobieski St. in Rybnik in the 1920's.On the right can be seen the arched entranceway for merchants' wagons, and on the other side the large store and busness headquarters of Jozef Manneberg. Rosel Manneberg (Guttmann) is standing on the extreme right, Hedwig Manneberg is second from the left. Other people in the photo (including those on the 2nd floor) are employees of the Mannebergs.

At the Manneberg house, 2014

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Rosel Manneberg's former shop 90 years later. during our third trip to Rybnik in 2014.
From left to right: Eli Manneberg, Susan Manning, Michael Manneberg. Behind them is the sewing-supplies shop, next to the arched entranceway. At this time the Rybnik municipality was re-paving the street, and the tracks that used to be used by the merchants' wagons to enter the building and reach the back yard, "disappeared".