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Manneberg saga - מנברג - IV.3 "Foreplay" and surprises around every corner

Eli Manneberg

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    Everything Happened - but Not Really

IV.3 "Foreplay" and surprises around every corner

The Manneberg family in Minneapolis, 2014

Family album 1

Left to right standing in the rear: Ruth Manneberg, Eli Manneberg, Amnon Manneberg, Avigail Manneberg, David Tompkins, Lee Manneberg
Standing in the middle, left to right: Naya Manneberg, Aran Manneberg
Front row, left to right: Shlomit Manneberg, Kaiah Manneberg-Tompkins, Nella Manneberg, Micah Manneberg-Tompkins, Nova Manneberg, Nathan Endsley

Being interviewed by the journalist, Adrian Karpeta, Rybnik, Aug. 6, 2014

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Left to right: Michael Manneberg, Adrian Karpeta, Małgosia Płoszaj, Eli Manneberg

Yair Rubin's letter summarizing his visit to Rybnik, Aug. 7, 2015

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Yair Rubin's visit to Rybnik as a representative of the Ghetto Fighters' Museum

Photographs accompanying Yair Rubin's letter

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Mr. Musiolik telling the story (in Polish) about the mass grave of the Rybnik Jews near the Manneberg house, 2013